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A nice day by momijigirl

The impact that this image has on the viewer, is simply fantastic. As a background exercise this is brilliantly done, with a simple yet...

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Melkor and Mairon - Dark Thoughts by Ingvild-S
Melkor and Mairon - Dark Thoughts
After finishing The Silmarillion I have wanted to draw many of its characters, but none so much as Morgoth and Sauron, and after searching a few tags I fear I may have fallen for them, and how much I hate to admit it I am completely shipping them! It will be the death of me, so therefor anticipate a lot more sketches of them ;)

And yes this is only a quick sketch, photographed with my iPhone so sorry for the crappy quality!

I absolutely love to think about how Morgoth (or Melkor as I like that name better) charmed and turned Sauron (Mairon, because that's his real name!) and I will try to refine both their designs how I see them much more the days to come. (Bad weather is great for drawing a lot of sketches that I otherwise would not have time for!! :squee: )

I used barely an hour or two on this and DO excuse the crappy anatomy! It was just for fun really, and I love them so much! ^^'

Sauron/Mairon & Morgoth/Melkor © J. R. R. Tolkien (God bless him!)

Art © me, Ingvild Schage, Iggy
Children of Hurin - Young Turin by Ingvild-S
Children of Hurin - Young Turin
This is my vision of a young Túrin, the years he lives in Doriath and the forest of Region, but the fire and the red is all a symbol of his troubled future, and all the tragedy to come in his yet inocent life. It is all very symbolistic and abstract. He is a truly fascinating character, and I tried to make my own version of him, being beautiful as an elf, yet with messy hair as he is described several places in the book. I've become quite obsessed with him!^^'

I made this with the Procreate app on my Ipad mini and the pencil 53 which syncs with it perfectly! See the process here on Youtube, aprox 5,5 hours!

Over the course of this summer I've both finished the half I had left of Silmarillion and read Children of Húrin in it's entirety, and being finished with them both I feel quite lost, as sinking into the stories and tragedies of Tolkien have been my obsession the last few weeks. But as his writing is very advances, i find it hard to be as enthusiastic as I may be of other books, and my reading of them has been more of an education than for leasure, so I decided to not start any more of his books for now, and try and get back into normal books for a time x) but do anticipate a few fanarts in the future! ;)

Im already working on a big (well bigger than I've done in a while) piece of Túrin and Beleg in the forest of Region which I hope to have finished within the next week, but I really wouldnt trust me on this. I just love it and im afraid to ruin it! Help, anyone?! Which kind of shading would you like to see?

Túrin (C) Tolkien
Art (C) Me
Loading... watch my latest painting in process! 😊 painting will be published shortly!


Ingvild-S's Profile Picture
Ingvild Schage
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm a 22 year old girl from Oslo, Norway. I'm working on my education towards moviemaking, hoping for a master in my future.

I enjoy drawing from books, mostly Tolkien related and The 7 kingdoms, but also OC's and portraits. I am open for commission, just note me.

I love to draw, to write (currently Tolkien-inspired fanfics), read books, and be with friends and family!

Follow me on Instagram: Ingvildehs
or tumblr for wips and randoms: Ingvildschage
Add me on skype if you ever wanna just talk: Ingvild.schage


Character Bust
Kili and Tauriel - Into His Arms by Ingvild-S
Fire - Red Rose by Ingvild-S
Dis - Against the Coming Storm by Ingvild-S
Witchking of Angmar by Ingvild-S
If you'd like me to draw you a character bust, any character, just note me!
I've never done commissions before, so I'm excited!^^

Shading - 100points
Additional character - 200points
Border - 200points
SO yeah, I thought I'd just write a little ego-self-advertisement-journal, because I'm growing up and not being ashamed to put yourself out there is part of the deal, right?

Well, get to the point!
So I made myself a teeny tiny NSFW tumblr-blog, because I draw WAY too much 18+ stuff (which is not allowed to publish on DA) to not show it off somehow.

So I thought I'd make a blog, because I know tumblr is seething with perverted fans of The Hobbit which would love to see my drawings of naked Thorin, in particular, and Fíli... I hope... Usual hastags will be: naked, full frontal, erected p*nis, threeway, and so on.. You get the point!

Look me up at your own risk, don't say I didn't warn you, and I do appreciate all the support, perverted ideas, and creative requests I get ;) (NOOOOO Durincest... That just pisses me off!)

Don't be shy now..
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I've been pondering the lenght on my chapters and I wonder; would you rather I... 

13 deviants said do whatever I want because I'm the author and I should trust my gut? ^^'
8 deviants said post a chapter with the length it has, even if it is 5k or longer? :eager:
1 deviant said Other? (Leave a comment!<3)
No deviants said split up chapters that surpasses the lenght of 4k, for it is better to have two short chapters than one long?
No deviants said piss off, because you don't care about my writing? *sobs*


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