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The Death of a Child

When Kíliel came down for supper, the dining hall was seething with talk, and almost all the seats were taken. Dwarves came and went, with a smile or a «Good evening,» to the little princess standing in the archway. Supper was, as any other meal, one the people of Erebor rarely forgot. Kíliel scanned the room for somewhere to sit. She did not know if she wanted to see her family at this moment, but she could not avoid them forever, and she was hungry after a long day.

She instantly recognised them; her mother, father, uncle, grandmother and grandfather were all sitting by the King's table. It was not often they were all gathered for a meal, as Thorin and Fíli had much to do with royal business, her father spent much time in the forges or digging in the Mountain, her mother had been allowed to help with heeling and spent much time tending to sickness or injuries, and Dís spent much of her time with the restoration of the Mountain and its landmarks. Their gathering therefore had to mean something special, and she feared that it might be for her benefit.

Kíliel shook her head as to remove any uncertainty, and she walked up to the table on shaking legs. It was but an hour since Thekk had punched Aín in the face and stood up for her in front of all the other children. It was so confusing. Her thoughts were running back and forth within her mind, trying to find some misunderstanding as to what had happened, that maybe she had seen or heard wrong. It made no sense to her. The talk with Thorin was also fresh in her thoughts, and seeing him with her parents made the anger stir in her again.

«Iellig,» Tauriel exclaimed happily as she saw her daughter coming towards them. She rose from her seat to give her daughter a hug. Kíliel gave her mother a quick look, and then walked past her and sat down between her uncle and grandmother, on the other side of the table; they were the only two of her family that she did not resent at the moment.

«Kíliel? What is wrong?» Tauriel had a look of utter confusion, her brows furrowed in a worried expression as she sat back down with her eyes locked on her daughter, trying to understand what had just happened. Kíliel did not answer. The silence grew thick between the royal family as Tauriel and Kíli exchanged looks with Fíli, Thorin and Dís. Kíliel only looked down at the stew that was put before her on the table by a serving dwarf.

Kíli was the first to break the silence, his voice calm as ever when he spoke: «Daughter, where have you been? Uncle said you disappeared after your session.»

Kíliel's eyes flashed to Thorin, who met her gaze with a soft, yet worried expression. She did not know if he had told them what had happened, though she suspected it. She pressed her mouth shut. There were few secrets kept long in their family, so she decided to share what she had experienced out of spite. She knew it would upset them, and she wanted them to feel the hurtful sting she had in her stomach of their betrayal.

«I was at the guards' training area, where I met the children my own age. Aín made fun of me, he said I was an elf,» she spoke fast and gave them no time to comment, though she heard their frustrated exhales. «Then Thekk came and spoke for me, so Aín called him an Khathuzh âzyungâl,» and at this she heard Thorin's angry snarl, but she continued. «And then Thekk hit him in the nose so he fell over and passed out on the floor.» She finished, quite smug at having shocked her family, though stubbornly kept her eyes on the stew as she took a mouthful, like what she had told did not affect her in the least.

«Is this the truth?» Thorin suddenly demanded, his voice bore only a hint of his full might, and yet her eyes were forced to meet his. «Kíliel, you must not lie about these things!» It was then that she realised she had made the wrong decision in telling them, and a cold stone sank in her stomach.

«It's the truth. I do not lie, Grandfather,» Kíliel muttered through clenched teeth, and sent Thorin a quick but fiery look. She did not often dare to speak against him with anger, her respect for him was too great, but she was no liar, and she wanted them to know that. She was no liar even if every one of them were, though she did not say it out loud.

«I don't understand why this sudden ill-talk of elves have grown amongst the young. Where will it end?» Tauriel exhaled, and caressed her temples as Kíli laid an arm around her. Kíliel could see the anger grow in her father's face, even if he did not let it show to the others. She swallowed, and felt the regret heavy in her stomach. She always regretted upsetting her father, no matter how angry she was. She reached her hand over the table to take Kíli's, and he smiled a shallow smile that did not reach his eyes. They were hard with concern.

«Aín? Is he not the grandson of Altar?» Fíli's eyes grew hard as Thorin confirmed this. Kíliel could see her uncle's rage building as well, and it scared her. She had never before seen him so angry. He was rarely angry at all, and she knew that it was her fault. Had she only kept her mouth shut…

«We should talk to Altar about this. That is a grave insult to the royal line and my brother, and I will not stand for it!» Fíli suddenly rose and smashed his hand in the table so hard the trays jumped. «I will not have any dwarf, especially not the council leader, teaching their children that insult!»

Dís laid a hand on her son's shoulder and looked at them all with a calming gaze. «Let's not assume too quickly. The children know the language and may well have learned the insult that way. It is highly unlikely that the council leader would want his grandson saying such things. The boy is only a child.»

«He is not so young. What is he, rounding forty? He is almost mature, and there should be consequences for him.» Fíli continued with a sneer.

Kíliel felt tears well up in her eyes, listening to her uncle's angry words. She was not so much afraid as she only regretted that it went this way. They had all been right, she was too immature to be treated as an adult. An adult would have handled the situation differently. She sobbed once quietly, but it was enough to make everyone turn to her with alert eyes.

«Don't worry, Kíliel, we will clear up this matter. You did nothing wrong,» Thorin instantly assured her, his voice full of worry. It made it no easier for her, she only felt the gnawing feeling of disappointment of her own actions in her stomach as she met the worried gazes of all her family.

«I'm sorry,» was all she managed at first, before clearing her throat and again she looked to her parents. «I should've handled it all differently,» she continued as vaguely as she could, for she did not want to admit her regret. She did not want to seem weak or childish. Her parents' eyes were full of support and love and she took her mother's hand as Tauriel reached it across the table to her daughter.

Fíli looked at Kíliel with a worried gaze. «It is not your fault, niece. We will take care of it,» he murmured. His voice was suddenly warm and calm as usual, and he caressed her face carefully with his big hand. A small smile grew on her lips. Fíli always managed to cheer her up, no matter how stubborn or sad she was.

«Yes, it will be all-right,» Thorin smiled reassuringly at her, then he sent Fíli a look she could not interpret, but it made her uneasy.

Tauriel caressed her hand over the table and smiled as Kíliel met her loving gaze. «Gi melin,» her mother spoke softly, and Kíliel smiled even as she felt the sting of her uncle's words that afternoon. She was not ready to forgive her parents their deceit, yet she would not alarm them any further, so she smiled sweetly and continued to eat her stew.

As the adults continued discussing mundane things, Kíliel's thoughts returned to Thekk and his actions. She had hoped her family might help her with it, but they had all focused on the wrong part of her story, so she would have to wait until later. She did not know much about boys in general, but Thekk had shown that he was not as bad as she had first thought, so Kíliel decided to keep an eye on him, see if he would change any more as time went by. Also she wanted to get to know him better. It was time, and a good opportunity to show her family that she was maturing.

«Let us go home, Kíliel,» her father finally said as he and Tauriel rose from their seats. «It's… it's been a long day!» Kíli smiled at his daughter, though Kíliel noticed the little pause and his face shortly contorting in pain as he rose. He clutched his thigh, but stretched and pretended nothing was wrong as he put up a smile for his family.

It was an old injury, and it sent a wash of coldness through Kíliel each time she saw how it bothered him. It was more than thirty-five years since the orc had shot him and Tauriel had saved him from the poisoning, but it seemed to have crept up again in the later years, and she thought his silent complains grew more and more. It came and went; some days he would play and lift her onto his shoulders with ease, and other days he would groan from simply standing up. It frightened her.

Kíli spent most of his time working in the Mountain, as he liked to be a part of the common workers. He rarely joined his uncle and brother in any royal business, for he did not think it was his place. «I am simply a dwarf, and labour is important to keep the body and mind healthy,» he would always say and pinch her cheeks, whenever she asked him why he did not act like the royal he was.

It was different for her, she was an heir, and would one day rule these halls… beside her husband. The thought stung no less, no matter how much she thought about it, and she gritted her teeth as she got up to join her parents. Kíliel took her father's hand, supporting him slightly as she always did. They never spoke of the injury, but she knew it grew worse, and in her heart she was afraid.

As they walked back to their chambers she thought about the love she held for her parents, and tried to understand how all they did for her they did because they thought it to be best. She would not question it today. Today had been too long a day, but she would ask them eventually, for she could not accept that they had lied to her for such a long time.

The following months Kíliel tried to keep an eye out for Thekk, but getting his attention was suddenly a lot harder than it had used to be. Usually she would notice him eyeing her whenever they ate, during the fencing, Khuzdul, history, or any other class they attended together with the rest of the children of their age group, but something had changed in him. He kept his gaze low and he was quiet when he would usually be the loudest of all. His face held a strong expression, as if he was constantly trying to keep something hidden, and Kíliel suddenly began to wish that he would open up to her, even if she did not understand why.

It all gave her a bad feeling as she sat and observed Thekk during their numbers class. It was taught by Gloin, a dwarf Kíliel knew well as he was one of her father's companions during their mission. He was strict and yet patient with his teachings, luckily for Kíliel, as she had never been good with numbers.

Today, as usual, her mind was occupied with Thekk and his riddled behaviour. She sat behind him in the classroom, a step above him and to the left, so she saw his clenched jaw and his eyes which were far away from the calculations on the headboard, where Gloin stood with his rod and wrote with charcoal about the price of wool against the earnings of jewels. Kíliel leaned her chin in her hand, with her gaze on Thekk, his brown curls as he sat looking away from her, and she suddenly noticed a new braid behind his ear, the one which was so characteristic for the line of Durin. She got her own a few years ago. She did not know if this change in him made her like him less or more, but it reminded her with a sharp sting that he was going to be King, and she only his Queen, not the other way around. It awoke the fire in her once again.

«Princess Kíliel!» Kíliel jumped as Gloin suddenly exclaimed, so the entire class turned to her, everyone but Thekk. Aín grinned his ill-willed smile from the first row, as if he thought she would be punished for not paying attention. Kíliel cursed him under her breath and then put up her sweetest and most attentive smile.

«Yes, Master?» She asked, her voice light and innocent as she rose from the bench.

«I asked you a question, young lady. Do not think I can't see your day-dreaming from the back row.» Gloin scowled and pointed his rod at her.

«I apologise, Master. You see, I was only trying to estimate the earnings one would gain from a cart of emeralds, instead of simply a pound as you explained.» Kíliel widened her eyes to make her look even more sweet while she lied, and she saw that Gloin's expression softened a little as she held his gaze. «I was thinking that if a cart contains roughly seventy pounds, and I had three carts…,» Kíliel kept explaining the math she had done the previous night with the help of her father, which was still clear in her mind, while Gloin nodded impressed as she went along. She would have turned and glared triumphantly at Aín had she not had their teacher's full attention.

«Well, it is good that you work on your numbers, but do pay attention when I try to teach some of the more confused students-» he shot Aín an unimpressed glance. «-the easier way to estimate the winning of a day's work.»

Kíliel could've laughed by the way the situation had turned from her embarrassment to Aín's. That boy needed to be taken down a peg, and scolding from the teacher was just what he needed. She suddenly noticed Thekk's eyes on her, for the first time in many weeks, and Aín was suddenly far from her thoughts. Instead she felt blush redden her cheeks, so she sat down quickly and mumbled a short: «Yes, Master.»

While Gloin turned back to his teachings, Kíliel held Thekk's gaze, her heart beating intensely in her chest. She did not quite understand her own reaction, as she had been wanting to get his attention for so long. There was something with his eyes. They were more serious than she had ever seen them, and yet he sent her a short, soft smirk, one of those that had previously annoyed her so, before he turned away again. She didn't understand her own reaction.

She exhaled heavily as she kept one eye on the strange boy, and one eye on Gloin's complicated lessons throughout the class.

The class finally ended by the sound of the lunch horn, which was primarily used to signalise for the workers in the deep of the Mountain, but the classes were also timed after them. Kíliel was not sure if she had learned anything in particular during the class, of Thekk, or of the numbers.

She exhaled as she dragged herself off the bench, clutched her stone tablet and box with charcoal under her arm and made her way towards the corridor the great classroom opened into, which lead away and up towards the eating chamber where she knew her family was waiting for her.

Kíliel suddenly yelped as someone grabbed a lock of her hair while she was walking, so a sharp pain flashed through her. She spun around and stood face to face with Aín.

«Let go of me,» she snapped and slapped his hand away so her hair fell down again. She pressed her lips together and glared at him with narrow eyes. Aín had a comical expression on his face, as if her reaction amused him. It only made her more angry.

«Can't keep your eyes of your lover-boy, ey? Don't think I haven't noticed,» Aín grinned, as if he thought he could insult her again so easily. Kíliel only rolled her eyes.

«Are you jealous, Aín?» She scoffed and turned to walk away from him.

At that he grabbed her arm hard and held her back. They were the last in the room. She looked at him with fiery eyes, sneering, but she thought clearly that she would not be saved so easily now as before.

«Let me go, or I'll scream,» she lied, but he did not know that. She spoke low, but he heard her clearly, for she saw a flash of something change his expression for a mere moment, and then a malevolent smile stretched on his lips. He let go of her arm slowly, and she stood frozen as he strangely enough caressed her arm where he had held her.

«Run along, little princess,» he murmured, his voice soft and ill-bearing, and he bowed deep before her. «Go to your Thekk, he is sorely in need of your comfort,» his smile was ironical as he straightened and stepped away from her.

Kíliel looked after him and chewed on the inside of her cheek as she wondered what to think of his words. He seemed completely insane to her, but then again she knew little of boys and their thoughts. His words confused her no less. She did not understand what he meant. Was there something wrong with Thekk?

She did not ask, it was probably just another mind-game of his. So she stepped away from him, turned and ran, not wanting to stay another second in his company.

When she now met her parents for lunch, she did not mention Aín or his strange behaviour. She had learned well enough the first time and would not go through that again if she could help it. So mainly she sat and listened, answered shortly when they asked about her day and went through her thoughts about Thekk for the thousand time, and shook her head of Aín's strange words. They meant nothing.

Kíliel was deep in thought and did not pay attention to her surroundings, and suddenly a dwarf stood before their table, short of breath as he had apparently run quickly to find her mother. Tauriel immediately stood for she seemed to understand the ramblings of the dwarf and knew why he was here.

«What is going on?» Kíliel asked as her parents both rose and turned to walked out of the dining hall with rushed steps. She followed them, her ears sharp to try and understand what was going on, or where they were going. She did not grasp what had happened, only that someone was sick and they needed her mother's immediate expertise as a healer, as she was used to. But there was something different. Kíliel heard it in her voice as Tauriel explained what she needed of herbs and ointments while they rushed through the corridors.

«Yarrow, Elderflower, Thyme, silver dust, hot water for tea, cold water for soaking, clean cloth…,» Tauriel spoke quickly as she continued to explain all that she needed to the dwarf who nodded while listening intently. The dwarf must be another healer, working with Tauriel and apparently respecting her greatly by the way he heeded her every request.

Kíli held his daughter's hand tightly, and she looked up at her father, who had a stern expression as he kept watching Tauriel. Her mother was clearly stressed and nervous, which also was unusual. She would always stay calm and relaxed no matter what illness she was treating, but something was different today, and it frightened Kíliel. What was going on?

As they passed through another corridor, Kíliel realised where they were. They were on the way to the chambers of Dárin and his family. A stone sank in her belly. Was it Thekk? Was he sick? Hurt? The panic went through her and made her cold as she considered every possibility. Maybe Aín had gotten to him, repaid him for the time he was knocked unconscious. But her mother had mentioned Yarrow and Elderflower, and she knew those were for fever. She grasped Kíli's hand harder as she feared the worst.

When finally they reached the door to their chambers, Kíli knocked and was immediately met by a tired-looking Dárin, his eyes red and heavy, from little sleep, Kíliel thought.

«Please, you must help!» His voice was desperate and he quickly moved out of the way so they could all enter.

«I promise to do what I can,» Tauriel smiled reassuringly as she stepped past him and placed a quick hand on his shoulder. Dárin looked no calmer as he nodded thankfully.

Kíliel scoured the room for Thekk, and she found him sitting by the table, his face in his hands. She was so confused. He did not look sick or hurt, only tired like his father. For a moment he raised his gaze and looked at her, his eyes were glistening with water, but just as quickly he turned away. She did not know if it was of shyness or pride, but she felt her heart break for whatever could hurt him so.

Tauriel rushed past them and into the next chamber, which turned out to be the sleeping area of Thekk's parents. Kíli stayed with Dárin and Thekk, for they did not want to be in the way. Kíliel followed her mother, still curious to know what it was all about. That was when she saw.

Thekk's two year old sister, Thári, was laying in a rocking bed, and the child was barely moving. Her face was pale and her eyes blood-shot as she barely managed to open them to see. Suddenly she began coughing, and it would not end, even as her mother, which stood beside the bed, took her into her arms and rocked her while she beat lightly on the babe's back.

«She suddenly began coughing and her temperature is only growing…» Éira looked at Tauriel with pleading eyes, the pain of a mother who was unable to help her child was heavy on her face.

«Give her to me,» Tauriel said, and reached out her arms.

Kíliel stood in shock as she watched Tauriel take the babe and again laying her down in the bed to examine her as the coughing eventually died away, and yet the sound of her breathing sounded all wrong. It was a scraping sound, wheezing and gasping. Tauriel removed the little tunic the girl was dressed in. She laid her ear to the babe's chest to listen to her breath, and her face hardened suddenly.

«Swelling in her throat is preventing her from breathing properly, and the fever is draining her powers to keep fighting the infection,» Tauriel had a hard expression as she spoke, mostly to herself it seemed, but Éira held her hands in front of her mouth as she gasped out of fear for her child's life.

Kíliel felt the blood drain from her face by the words of her mother. It did not sound good. She could not understand how she had not known that Thekk's sister was ill. The illness, the First Year Fever, was usual for children between the age of one and five, and it claimed many young lives. Kíliel herself had barely gotten through it, by the help of her mother, so maybe the dwarves were relying on Tauriel to save this child as well. It gave her a bad feeling as she watched her mother further examine the child, Tauriel's expression growing ever harder.

This was very wrong, and everyone knew it. Suddenly Thekk's behaviour made complete sense to Kíliel, how he had suddenly become more quiet and his expression more worried; he had been concerned for his sister. How long had the illness lasted? From what she remembered Thekk had begun to change a month, or so, ago. Kíliel suddenly felt very guilty that she had not shown support to him, though she was not certain he would have taken it. Nothing about Thekk was clear to her.

Finally the dwarf that had fetched them came back, bearing all that Tauriel had requested. He left and closed the door behind him by Tauriel's command. It was only Tauriel, Éira, Kíliel and the little girl in the room now. Kíli, Dárin and Thekk waited outside, silent and anxious.

Immediately Tauriel got to work. She heated water for tea, asked Éira to fetch a barrel for the cold water and soak the cloths in it, and then asked her daughter to grind the herbs. Kíliel was glad to help her mother with healing, though she knew little of it; she liked to feel useful in helping others.

«We need to lower her temperature,» Tauriel said as she kept examining the child, her eyes in particular, and then her ears and mouth while she waited for the cooking water. «Hand me the wet cloth,» and Éira gave her one soaked in cold water which Tauriel wrapped around the girls feet, and another she wrapped around her chest.

As the teapot howled of the boiling water, Tauriel filled a cup and added the crushed herbs to the steaming fluid. She stirred with a spoon a few times, and smelled carefully the steam that came from the cup. She nodded shortly to herself, knowing that it was the right brew, but with no reassurance it would help the babe. Nothing was certain at this point, there was only a faint hope.

«Give me another cloth,» Tauriel demanded, her voice harder than intended, but much was at stake, and her blood was pumping as she got the cloth from Éira and wetted it with the water in the cup, and carefully rubbed it over the girls brow, cheeks, lips, throat and chest. She removed the cold wrap around her chest, and put the cloth with the brew on her instead. The mixture of the herbs was supposed to seep into the lungs and remove the blockage which hindered the little one from breathing. After a moment Tauriel bowed down to listen to her breath again.

«Hold her up for me, will you, Éira? Kíliel, hand me the silver dust,» Tauriel then said, her voice softer, yet Kíliel recognised the fear in it as well. Her mother knew something, yet she would not speak of it.

As Éira lifted the girl into her arms again, Tauriel held the babe's head and added the silver dust to the brew before she carefully held the cup against the babe's lips so that drops of the brew dripped into her mouth. The silver was used to fight bacterial infections, and even if it was late in the process it was Tauriel's last resort. Suddenly the wheezing sound stopped, and it seemed the babe fell asleep in her mother's arms, but she was too quiet. Éira had a look of desperation as Tauriel once again ordered her to put the baby down, and the mother did as she said, even as her eyes filled with water and her lips trembled in fear.

Tauriel had no time to soothe, her thoughts were with the survival of the babe. She placed a hand on the child's chest and one on her head and began speaking quickly in hushed elvish: «Hîr vuin, eru Ilúvatar; lasta enni!» Her voice was desperate, sharp and pleading at the same time. She raised her head and closed her eyes as she felt the power of the child fade beneath her hands. «I beg you now, Manwë, blessed one, grant new life to this child; Ulmo, let your power wash through her veins; Aulë, you from whom her life is gifted, show her the strength to live on; Oromë, let your horn be heard as the beating of her heart; Mandos, close your gates and send her away, for it is not her time; Lórien, give her dreams of life and hope; Tulkas, hold her fast so she may not leave her earthly body! Valar, hear me as I beg of you to let her live!» Tauriel pleaded in elvish, tears rolled down her cheeks. «Let her live!» She called desperately in the common tongue, and the final hope faded like smoke between her fingers.

A silence fell between them. None of them dared take a breath. Finally Tauriel took her hands off the child. They were shaking as she turned away. Kíliel did not understand. She watched as Éira cried out, watched as she lifted the girl into her arms and rocked her back and forth, calling her name and caressing her cheeks to make her wake. But it was too late.

The Valar could do nothing to help them now; the girl, a babe of scarce two years of age, was dead.

Daughter of Stars and Stones - Part 4
Iellig (Sindarin) = My daughter
Khathuzh âzyungâl (khuzdul) = elf lover/lover of elves
Hîr vuin, eru Ilúvatar; lasta enni (sindarin) = My lord/Beloved lord, eru Ilúvatar; hear me/listen to me! (I would've translated the entire prayer to Sindarin had I got the time, but I figured you all would kind of hate me for it anyway, so I decided not to! ;))


This fanfiction is a continuation of "An Unexpected Visit".

Kíliel is the young daughter of the dwarf Kíli and the elf Tauriel. This is the story of how she grows up to become the future queen. There will be a lot of drama, stubborn dwarves, and a love triangle between Kiliel, Kiliel's betrothed Thekk, and the elf Kiliel has always dreamed about; Legolas!


First - Part 1

Previous - Part 3

Next - coming soon!


I really don't have that much to say about this chapter. It was surprisingly easy to write, I just had NO motivation what so ever to write and so forgot about this for a week or two, and then suddenly realised I hadnt finished this so I spent the last week trying to spend some time on it, and it turned out better than I had thought! ^^ Everything up until the last scene was actually finished during my easter break so i feel terrible for forgetting about it and so postponing it more than necessary. I hope you dont hate me!

However, this is kind of a gateway chapter, as I am dying to get down and dirty with the drama which is to happen in the future of my dear Kiliel's life, and so getting this over with was very important, and yet the content of the chapter is also very important for the development for the characters as well as the story so i do hope you like it! ^^

Please tell me what you think! :eager:


Ideas, Oc's and fic (C) Me and salierifemme91 

Middle earth and all its other's inhabitants (C) Tolkien (and Tauriel is Jackson's, but who cares!)

Please don't use, write or alter in any ways my OC's without asking me first!
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SO yeah, I thought I'd just write a little ego-self-advertisement-journal, because I'm growing up and not being ashamed to put yourself out there is part of the deal, right?

Well, get to the point!
So I made myself a teeny tiny NSFW tumblr-blog, because I draw WAY too much 18+ stuff (which is not allowed to publish on DA) to not show it off somehow.

So I thought I'd make a blog, because I know tumblr is seething with perverted fans of The Hobbit which would love to see my drawings of naked Thorin, in particular, and Fíli... I hope... Usual hastags will be: naked, full frontal, erected p*nis, threeway, and so on.. You get the point!

Look me up at your own risk, don't say I didn't warn you, and I do appreciate all the support, perverted ideas, and creative requests I get ;) (NOOOOO Durincest... That just pisses me off!)

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I've been pondering the lenght on my chapters and I wonder; would you rather I... 

12 deviants said do whatever I want because I'm the author and I should trust my gut? ^^'
8 deviants said post a chapter with the length it has, even if it is 5k or longer? :eager:
1 deviant said Other? (Leave a comment!<3)
No deviants said split up chapters that surpasses the lenght of 4k, for it is better to have two short chapters than one long?
No deviants said piss off, because you don't care about my writing? *sobs*


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