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The impact that this image has on the viewer, is simply fantastic. As a background exercise this is brilliantly done, with a simple yet...

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Ingvild Schage
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm a 22 year old girl from Oslo, Norway. I'm working on my education towards moviemaking, hoping for a master in my future.

I enjoy drawing from books, mostly Tolkien related and The 7 kingdoms, but also OC's and portraits. I am open for commission, just note me.

I love to draw, to write (currently Tolkien-inspired fanfics), read books, and be with friends and family!

Follow me on Instagram: Iggys_art
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Add me on skype if you ever wanna just talk: Ingvild.schage


Galadriel and Aredhel - Summer in Valinor by Ingvild-S
Galadriel and Aredhel - Summer in Valinor
... When hope was high - And life worth living.

Yes that's from Les Miserables, I'm sorry, but strangely how that lyric actually kinda fit the idea of this image..

The text in Tengwar says the same as the title, only in quenya: "Lairë mi Valinor". The reason for this is because of the idea I have that Galadriel must feel a lot of pain thinking about her old life in Valinor, and perhaps mostly her lost brothers and cousins. I read somewhere a while ago that Galadriel and Aredhel was born the same year, and it gave me the idea that they must've been close when they lived in Valinor, being the only girls of the Noldors Im sure they kept together against their brothers and cousins drama. I love both their characters so much, and Im sad that I didnt draw them exactly as I wouldve wanted, but I finished it anyways. Been a while since I've made something decent, and this idea has been stuck in my head for months so I had to get it out.

The flowers they are holding represent them somewhat. Aredhel is holding a Lily which is the flower of death, representing her brutal future and death, and Galadriel holds a Hyacinth, which represents her regret of everything had happened to her and her family. But seriously tho, concider the Les Mis lyric..

I dreamed a dream in time gone by
When hope was high
And life worth living
I dreamed that love would never die
I dreamed that God would be forgiving

Then I was young and unafraid
And dreams were made and used and wasted
There was no ransom to be paid
No song unsung
No wine untasted

I can only image Galadriel singing it to the memory of her youth and her family. Sorry, Ill finish this now.. Tired artist is random and awkward!

So I am very happy with this, despite all the anatomical errors and my unsatisfaction with their faces. And grass sucks to draw, seriously! I hope you enjoy it, and agree with my ideas, or not, anyways tell me, I love a nice Silm discussion! ^^


Galadriel and Aredhel (C) Tolkien

Art (C) Me - Ingvild-s (deviantart) - iggys_art (IG) - IngvildSchageart (Tumblr)


Other silmarillion art:

Feanor and Nerdanel - The Forgotten Pool by Ingvild-S

Silmarillion - Feanor and Finwe by Ingvild-S     Thingol and Melian - Under her spell by Ingvild-S
The Truth

Kíliel opened her mouth in a big yawn. Even with a hand covering was it visible, and everyone around the council table turned to her. She didn't really care, the meeting had gone on long enough already. Her uncle had dragged her out of bed long before the call to breakfast, which she usually ignored. With all the growing she was doing she treasured sleep higher than food, and being rushed awake long before appropriate hours was downright cruel.

So she sat with her chin leaning on her folded arms on the table, her gaze lazy as she eyed the dwarves gathered around the table. Aín caught her gaze as he sat failing at concealing his amusement in her suffering. She glared, but it was not mean-hearted. The clean, dark-haired dwarfling had grown on her, and yet she found herself pondering his every good action. She did not yet trust him, even though he had been nothing but kind and respectful of her the last three years, since the night when Thorin had…

She could not think of it without feeling the fear grow in her heart.

Thorin was not doing any better, and with every passing moon she feared for his life and particularly for her father's well-being should anything happen to Thorin. Kíli was bouncing back and forth between well enough to dance around with her, and so bad he couldn't walk without a cane to lean on.

These things were ever pressing on her mind, and she would much rather be back in bed than sitting and listening to the boring, old dwarves listing some sort of trouble with restocking the hay for working horses in the Mountain.

«There have been some complain that the hay have turned sour due to leakage in the storage, and several horses got sick as a result,» Northar, the Trading Master, growled. Kíliel knew it was because they had talked about it before without it being investigated properly.

She rolled her eyes and sighed, thinking how easily it could be fixed if someone made the decision. But Fíli looked as if he couldn't care less about the words of the dwarf. His gaze was hollow and thoughtful. Undoubtably he was concerned about either Thorin or Kíli, or both. She often caught him looking like this, concerned and yet distant in his gaze. She furrowed her brows, and Aín must have seen it, directing the attention of Northar away from the prince.

«Have anyone investigated it properly? Grandfather?» Aín looked to the left where Altar sat, his sharp eyes locked on the book of records from earlier Council meetings. His nose wrinkled over his finely combed moustache. It dawned on Kíliel that this tidiness was the reason she did not like Altar, and perhaps why Aín unnerved her as well. They were the only dwarves she knew whom kept their appearances so clean-cut.

«It seems not,» Altar humphed, like it didn't surprised him the least, and he eyed Fíli sideways, waiting for his Prince to make a decision.

Fíli exhaled, his eyes still unfocused in the air, and he waved his hand. «Do something about it then,» his tone was patient as always, but Kíliel noticed the tired edge, and she had a feeling he simply wanted them all to leave, to be alone with his thoughts.

«Maybe the little Princess have a suggestion, or are we boring you?» Kíliel halfway snarled at Northar's tone as he said 'little'.

During the last three years Kíliel had grown, and she was not little at all. She was close to full grown height in the eyes of dwarven men, whereas she soon towered over the women of the mountain. She was only forty-three and with her mother's estimations she wouldn't be fully grown for another twenty years. It was definitely another matter of suspicion for the Council members, and Kíliel was sick of their sharp remarks.

«In ú-draston.» Kíliel muttered and lowered her forehead to the table. There was a moment of silence, and when she looked up she found the entire Council staring at her. Had she spoken aloud? And then she cursed herself, for it was not her intention to insult them all, even if she was bored and annoyed. Aín looked at her with a mixed expression, partly wonderment and another emotion she could not pin-point. Even Fíli looked at her now. His expression was hard, and it cut her the most. She had disrespected him more than any of the others, and she knew that as a burning sensation in her chest.

She cleared her throat, but found it dry and raw, and she feared any words she spoke would sound as if uttered by a crow.

For the last three years, Kíliel had been in frequent schooling with Tauriel, and it must have payed off for her to be using it without even thinking. It was a strange language compared to Khuzdul, and few dwarves understood it. That was the reason for the great insult; she had spoken as if she surpassed all of the dwarves sitting in this room, and foremost the future King of Erebor. She wished she would sink through the floor and disappear.

Balin was the first to speak. «Princess,» the white-bearded dwarf had a patient expression on his face, whereas the others expressed shock and outrage. «Is there anything you'd wish to say to the Council on the matter at hand?»

«And speak so we can all understand you,» Altar growled under his breath. When Fíli shot him a sharp look he pretended to be checking his notes.

«Kíliel?» Fíli looked to her then, his expression suspicious and puzzled.

At that moment she realised she was alone. Except for her mother, there were none of her family or friends that could ever understand her completely, for she was not like them.

Tears grew behind her eyelids, but she refused to let them show for these old, vicious crows who did not understand her.

«Surely you have an engineer who can look at the issue and be done with it. I do not see how this is worth the Council's time.» Kíliel straightened and leaned back in her chair, raising her eyebrows in the least amused expression she could manage. «If that is all, I will retreat to my chambers.»

Then she stood up, without even seeing the reaction of the Council, nor her uncle, and walked out of the chamber. As she passed the first column and was out of sight of the group, she let out a heavy breath of air.

Kíliel pressed her back towards the wall, breathing heavily, forcing her insides to stay together. Tears pressed hard against the back of her eyes, and a knot gathered in her throat. Her not-so-tiny body shook heavily, yet she would not succumb to the pressure of the tears. She would not. She was strong. And yet the last couple years weighed hard on her, with all the changes to her body, and the constant stress of worrying for Kíli and Thorin. She was stretched thin. And there was only one dwarf she wanted to see at that moment, whom could lessen the weight on her chest.

She exhaled one final time, squeezed her fists hard and raised her chin as she turned to walk away.

«Sigin'adad?» Kíliel knocked softly and peaked inside the halfway-opened door. The chamber was dimly lit, only with the light from the weak fire in the hearth. The fire-light outlined Thorin's long, silvery hair and fur-lined cloak as he sat in his leaning-chair facing it.

Kíliel stepped into the room. Opening the door caused a high squealing noise to erupt from the hinges, and Thorin started confused as if awakened from a shallow sleep.

«Huh… Who is it?» He growled under his breath, and halfway got up before Kíliel spoke again.

«It is only me, Grandfather,» she said as she jumped forward and put a hand on his shoulder to make him sit down again.

She had not wanted to disturb him, for she had not anticipated that he was sleeping. It was only mid-day. She was not used to how spent he was lately, and he was almost always slumbering in his chair by the fire. It was no surprise that he wasn't at the Council meeting this morning, but it still unnerved Kíliel, as if he had already given up his chair as King, waiting simply for death to take him.

«Oh, Kíliel, men nuthanuth,» Thorin smiled warmly, the shade of sleep still in his eyes as he looked at her through squinted eyelids.

«I would not say that,» Kíliel smiled half-heartedly as she turned to the hearth to add another log to the fire. «There is nothing small about me anymore.» She blew on the flames and they grew slowly as they licked over the dry wood.

«You are still tiny in my eyes, little gem,» Thorin chuckled and laid his hands on her cheeks as she stood beside his chair, and she let go of the barrier inside of her. Tears flowed from Kíliel's eyes. She leaned over Thorin whom held her close in his arms and hummed calmly in her ear while she wept, sobbing violently for a long moment. His familiar, warm scent calmed her eventually and she breathed easier for the first time in a long while.

She always worried about him, and being with him was the only antidote from the stress. He was so calm and clear so all that frightened her ran away the moment she was in his presence.

«Now, young lady,» Thorin began, his voice dominant as he held her out from him and dried her cheeks with the fur-lining on his cape. «Do you want to explain why you came to your old Grandfather to cry? Or is that all I'm good for these days?» Thorin raised his eyebrow teasingly.

Kíliel giggled as she dried her face and grabbed the stool from beside the hearth so she could sit down on it facing Thorin. He always managed to rise her spirit whenever she felt down or stressed about something. Somehow everything seemed so much easier when she was with him.

Kíliel sighed and hugged herself as she thought how to describe it. «I was just angry,» she started, feeling the emotions wash through her of the scolding looks from the Council. «Fíli dragged me to yet another Council-meeting. I was so tired… and I just don't care what they do with the leakage in a storage chamber.» Kíliel sighed and rubbed her face. «I do not understand why I have to sit through such boring meetings. Why can't I take part in an important decision-making process for once? Isn't that what I would do as the Queen?» Kíliel groaned and rolled her head.

Thorin looked at her, his gaze studying her. «You have yet a long way to go before you are ready, Kíliel.»

It was like a slap to her cheek. Kíliel lowered her gaze and exhaled. All she ever wanted was to prove to him that she was worthy of being the future Queen of Erebor, and yet all she ever did was prove to him that she wasn't. She realised how childish she sounded.

«Forgive my whining, Grandfather. I am so stupid,» she mumbled as she stared at her hands, fighting for the tears to remain behind her eyelids.

«But it is a good thing you are not ready, Kíliel, you are still young. You have many years to become ready for the great tasks you have before you.» Thorin looked at her with a kind smile behind his thick beard. Kíliel sniffed once and met his gaze with confused eyebrows. «Did you know that at your age Fíli had a habit of tricking Kíli into any sort of trouble?»

Thorin's eyes gleamed as he looked at her, and for a moment he looked so young, like a dwarfling with hopes for the future. He had the same look Thekk sometimes had when he told her funny stories or dreamed about his future as a great warrior. She started, as she usually did when Thekk entered her mind so unexpectedly. She shook her head and looked at Thorin again.

«I did not,» Kíliel wondered, because the stories her father would ever tell of her uncle was of how great of a warrior he was or how kind he was as the prince-in-waiting. Kíliel couldn't imagine her uncle as anything but the kind, brave and patient dwarf she knew him as.

«I remember one time when he told Kíli that hens only lay their eggs if someone ran after them and yelled loudly. Your father, being ever faithful to his older brother, did as Fíli said because he was afraid all the eggs would get stuck in the hen if he didn't.» Thorin barked a laugh, as his eyes saw the sight of the two boys in the backyard of an inn somewhere on their many travels before him in the fire. Fíli stood gasping for air as he laughed hard at his younger brother who ran after all the birds in the courtyard as he yelled at the top of his lungs.

Kíliel laughed as well. The thought of her uncle being somewhat like Thekk in his clever ideas and pranks was hard to imagine. She flinched and shook herself again. But the thought lifted her spirit. And then she sighed, for she remembered what else she had done that morning.

«I did something bad during the council meeting,» she added in a despondent tone, holding the fire with her gaze for the flush of red that came to her cheeks at the thought.

«And what would that be?» Thorin asked, his tone bordering on amused as he could hardly expect the worst. Being in care of Kíli and Fíli while they grew up, Thorin thought he had seen it all of mischievous children, and his granddaughter was far better than her father and uncle had ever been. He did not think it could be so bad.

«I accidentally spoke a phrase of elvish out loud in reply to one of the Council-men,» she bit her lip in anticipation of his response.

He surprised her fully with barking a quick laugh. «Lass, when Fíli met Altar for the first time on one of our travelings through Gondor, he simultaneously managed to set fire to his beard and cut off his ponytail. I have never seen a dwarfling more afraid than Fíli when Altar was finished cursing him up against the wall of the inn we were staying at. The rest of the visit he would tip-toe around Altar, terrified to step one toe out of line.» Thorin placed a heavy hand on her shoulder and looked at her with comforting eyes. «I do not think those old goats will remember your blunder for very long, but I can assure you that Altar have not forgiven Fíli for his accident yet. And he never will.»

«Well, if you say so. Though they all looked very shocked.» She sighed and continued: «I just don't want to disappoint you,» Kíliel pursed her lips and gazed at Thorin with uncertain eyes.

«You needn't worry, gem. You will make many mistakes yet, but if you only remember to learn something from every one of them it won't have been for naught. I know that you will make a great Queen one day. It is not me you must convince, but yourself.» Thorin blinked an eye at her.

Kíliel smiled and exhaled heavily, as if letting go of all the worry that was laid as a knot in her stomach. And yet she was in doubt. «I don't know if I'll ever truly be ready,» she said then, «but I'll never stop trying.»

Thorin chuckled warmly and ruffled her hair with his hand. «You're a Durin. As long as you never give up, you will always be a Durin, and the throne of Erebor will rightfully be yours, no matter what they say.» He leaned towards her and kissed her forehead before he relaxed back into his chair again.

Silence grew between them for a moment as they relaxed in each other's company, and the crackling of the fire was the only sound they could hear.

Thorin opened and closed his hands softly. He felt the stiffness in them, and suddenly he thought of the harp that stood in the corner behind them. How often he missed the feel of its strings. It had not been played in many years now. Looking at Kíliel he wondered, for she had never played it, as it had been too big for her. Maybe now was the time, for she had indeed grown the last few years. She was taller and leaner than before, with longer arms and legs than most dwarves her age.

«How long has it been since you last played the harp, Kíliel?» Thorin asked then, because he could not himself remember.

Kíliel thought back. She realised it had been many years since last time, and it shocked her. «I think last time must've been at least two years ago,» she pondered, and creased her eyebrows.

«Could you play some for me now, please?» His voice was so soundless it unnerved her, and she couldn't but arise. As she turned to the chest to find her small harp Thorin shook his head softly, and she stopped curious, wondering what he was meaning to say. He exhaled and spoke softy: «I want you to play the big harp today.»

«Are you sure, grandfather? But that is yours,» she muttered, and meeting his eyes she saw something shift. That moment he seemed far away, and she was afraid he would lose himself again. He did not. He simply smiled and met her gaze.

«It does not belong to me alone. My grandfather carved it, and it belongs to every Durin whom rules this mountain. Some day it will be yours to watch over, so you have better start learning how to use it. Don't you think?» He winked at her.

She stood confused a moment, but then her lips broke in a wide smile as she truly comprehended the grandness of this moment. For the first time Thorin thought she was worthy to play his big harp, and it filled her body with a happiness she hadn't felt in a long time. Her fingers itched to feel the strings of the heavy instrument.

Kíliel then turned to the harp and carried it carefully across the floor to stand in front of her as she sat down on the stool again. It was heavy, carved from a dark wood she could not specify. The carvings and decorations were rich with painted gold along the ridge, and her fingers explored them with respectful acknowledgement. As she let her fingers play along the strings she suddenly felt the loss she had of the instrument and how badly she had missed the feel of a harp between her fingers, though this one was grander than the one she had used to play. At the mere touch of the strings, it sang to them. The sound was deep and vibrant. It sent chills down her back, and she smiled blissfully as she continued to stroke the strings, feeling every shimmering note move through her.

«How does it feel?» Thorin smiled as he observed her face, eyes closed and concentrating on the feel of the new instrument, her fingers dancing over the strings as she experimented.

Every hair on her body rose in a revel of excitement of the unexplored possibilities of this new opportunity. It was a comfort and a relaxation in it she had not anticipated. It was like the whole world ceased to exist, and only she and Thorin remained, with no troubles haunting them. What she would've sacrificed to stay like that forever. And then again Thekk entered her mind and her fingers snapped away from the strings.

It always caught her by surprise, the thoughts of Thekk that would frequently appear in any given situation. She could not explain it, and it angered her gradually more and more as it occurred.

Thorin still gazed at her, patiently awaiting her response. Kíliel shook her head to rid herself of her inexplicable thoughts, and a warm and calm smile grew on her face as she met Thorin's eyes.

«It is… magical,» she sighed and stroke another string. Her eyes caressed it as her fingers played again. «It is better than I ever imagined.»

«And yet your thoughts are far away,» he gazed at her and stroke her cheek as a deep red coloured them. Kíliel looked away, into the fire, for she could not bring herself to speak of it.

«It is nothing,» she sighed and let her fingers wash over the strings and a sound like a waterfall of diamonds filled the chamber for a second.

«Either your words or your face is lying, for they clearly do not agree,» Thorin pursed his lips and raised his eyebrows in patient anticipation. Kíliel quickly met his gaze, her lips pressed together, biting the inside of her chin. Thorin furrowed his brows. «Do you not think I will understand?» He sounded insulted, and Kíliel groaned. She covered her face with her hands and spoke quickly.

«Whatever I do I cannot get Thekk out of my thoughts, and I do not understand what it means.» After a moment she parted her fingers to see her grandfather's reaction. He was the one watching the flames now with his lips pressed together.

After a moment of gnawing anticipation he looked at her. She saw now a deep regret in his eyes, unlike anything she had ever seen in them before. Thorin exhaled as he turned back to the fire and spoke gravely: «I know I let you down inviting them here, Kíliel, and had it been any other way I would have made sure you wouldn't have to live in constant fear of your position. In the long span of my life that is what I regret the most.»

Thorin raised a hand to his brow and breathed heavy. Kíliel blinked, for she would never get used to his sudden drops in spirit or speeches spoken as though he had already given up his life, ready to die any minute.

«Grandfather,» Kíliel sighed, taking his hand between hers and squeezing it lightly. «I know that it was nothing you could do. You already saved me and mother by fighting the council for us, allowing us to stay here, safe. I know this. And I know that Thekk was part of that agreement. It was nothing you could do.» She swallowed and lowered her eyes for a moment as she thought of it.

Thorin's brows were deeply furrowed as he gazed at her again. «That isn't true, and I think you know that already. You are our future Queen, Kíliel, and no one can tell you otherwise. You have the blood of Durin in your veins, mixed with elven blood or not. There is no disputing that fact.»

«So does Thekk,» Kíliel met his gaze with a frustrated frown. Why would he say these things? She knew the truth, and it was not as he said. «I am fine with it. I have forced myself to be, because that's what you told me, what my parents told me I had to do.»

«It is not true, Kíliel.» When he met her eyes now, his gaze was so filled with guilt it pained her to look at him. «Yes, the council, and probably every dwarf in this mountain want you to marry Thekk. It is safe, for them, for the future of Erebor and for you. But you still have a choice in all of this.»

«Yes, I can abdicate. Give the throne to Thekk and leave my home. Is that what you want me to do?» She looked at him, worry and anxiety riding her heart like a wild boar, and she could hardly breathe. What was he meaning with all of this?

«Kíliel!» His voice suddenly boomed throughout the chamber and it hit her like a tidal-wave. She blinked, then realised how disrespectful she had been interrupting him in such a way.

«Forgive me, Grandfather. Please finish talking and I will be quiet until you are done,» meeting his strong eyes, she felt her inside settle. Lately she had grown a fire inside her, and it was sometimes harder to keep it locked down. She blamed it on her continued growing, that it was an effect of her changing body and mind. At least she hoped so.

«There's no doubt you are a Durin, lass,» Thorin smiled with raised eyebrows and pinched her nose. He then turned serious again. «But as I said, it is not the only way. No matter how much they urge you to marry him, no matter their curses or threats, there is nothing they can do to force you into a marriage. It is not allowed by our laws. The choice must be yours, and they can not take the crown away from you if you choose not to.»

When Thorin stopped talking, Kíliel kept silent. The fire in her chest was dead, and in her head confusion roamed, because what did it mean? What did it mean for her? It meant that she had no reason to resent Thekk. It meant that they had all lied to her, again, but it did not make her angry like before.

It was a whole new perspective. And suddenly everything she had ever worried about seemed to let go of her. And the one thought that was absolutely clear was that she did not need to marry Thekk. The sadness that suddenly welled up in her confused her more than any other thought she had ever had about him before in her life had.

Tears filled her eyes, and she cursed them.

She did not say anything, and looking at Thorin she saw his guilt consume him for the thoughts he must think she had. «I understand your anger and confusion, but you must know that your parents had nothing to do with it. The council made me promise that you would be open to the idea, and this was the only way to make it happen. To make you think it was final that you were to be married, and with your stubbornness, they wanted a bond to be created between you and Thekk. And I am so sorry, Kíliel, my gem, that I did this to you.»

She still did not speak, she simply leaned over him and hugged him tightly to her. She buried her face in the fur on his collar, inhaling his deep scent, and wished that moment would never end. There was nothing to be said, and for once everything seemed right in the world.

Daughter of Stars and Stones - Part 10


In ú-draston (I don't care) - Sindarin

Sigin'adad (Grandfather) - Khuzdul

men (my) nuthanuth(tiny girl/daughter) - Khuzdul


This fanfiction is a continuation of "An Unexpected Visit".

Kíliel is the young daughter of the dwarf Kíli and the elf Tauriel. This is the story of how she grows up to become the future queen. There will be a lot of drama, stubborn dwarves, and a love triangle between Kiliel, Kiliel's betrothed Thekk, and the elf Kiliel has always dreamed about; Legolas!


First - Part 1

Previous - Part 9

Next - coming soon!


I feel like I should appologize, though I know with myself I needed this time to write this chapter. Its been a hard couple months and so my mind was completely shut off creatively, and I didnt write a word all January. So I hope you can forgive me, and enjoy this chapter, as it is abit lighter than the pervious ones.

I've got a few comment saying how depressing my work is, and if you truly think so and dont enjoy it you should stop reading right now, becasue believe me this story is not getting any more cheerful anytime soon. The reason for this is that I do not think growing up the princess and being half is a good setting for a happy life, and I always love to challenge my characters physically and psychologically because I knwo that its my hard history that made me grow into the girl I am today. And honestly who wants to read about their favorite characters being happy all day? =P We're into fanfics because it breakes our heart, with a few blimpses of happiness inbetween.

SO I truly hope most of you enjoy what I do, and will continue to follow Kíliel, no matter how slow I am of a writer! However I truly appreciate all the support and patient comments telling me to use my time writing, nothing warms a fanfic-writer's heart like that!!


Ideas, Oc's and fic (C) Me and camelia1845 

Middle earth and all its other's inhabitants (C) Tolkien (and Tauriel is Jackson's, but who cares!)

Please don't use, write or alter in any ways my OC's without asking me first!


Character Bust
Kili and Tauriel - Into His Arms by Ingvild-S
Fire - Red Rose by Ingvild-S
Dis - Against the Coming Storm by Ingvild-S
Witchking of Angmar by Ingvild-S
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I've never done commissions before, so I'm excited!^^

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SO yeah, I thought I'd just write a little ego-self-advertisement-journal, because I'm growing up and not being ashamed to put yourself out there is part of the deal, right?

Well, get to the point!
So I made myself a teeny tiny NSFW tumblr-blog, because I draw WAY too much 18+ stuff (which is not allowed to publish on DA) to not show it off somehow.

So I thought I'd make a blog, because I know tumblr is seething with perverted fans of The Hobbit which would love to see my drawings of naked Thorin, in particular, and Fíli... I hope... Usual hastags will be: naked, full frontal, erected p*nis, threeway, and so on.. You get the point!

Look me up at your own risk, don't say I didn't warn you, and I do appreciate all the support, perverted ideas, and creative requests I get ;) (NOOOOO Durincest... That just pisses me off!)

Don't be shy now..
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I've been pondering the lenght on my chapters and I wonder; would you rather I... 

15 deviants said do whatever I want because I'm the author and I should trust my gut? ^^'
8 deviants said post a chapter with the length it has, even if it is 5k or longer? :eager:
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No deviants said piss off, because you don't care about my writing? *sobs*


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Thank you so much, I'm very flattered you think so! ^^
I've always had a deep fascination with fey and fairy myths, and I think that's what made me love Tolkiens elves so much when I saw the lotr films for the first time. They seemed so pure and perfect. When I then read Silmarillion many years later my image of the elves were closer to that of etheral gods (like the Valar honestly) than the elves of the first age, and I was puzzled but also highly captivated by their brutailty and yet knowledge and beaty, something the elves of lotr hadnt shown me before. So thats the reason for my elves looking the way they do, but I also try to embrace the darker side of them, and my love for them has only grown with every story of kin-slaying and hatred The Silmarillion provided me. (sorry for making this longer than necessary)
And thank you so much for the watch, as it made me realize I had forgotten to watch you! ^^
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Thank you for faving my candle holder, I'm glad you like it. :)
Ingvild-S Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
It was a truly beautiful piece of work! I am always captivated of other people's uniqe artistry, and yours absolutely caught my eye! So you are truly welcome! :)
MatesLaurentiu Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Very kind of you to say so. :)
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I just have to let you know again that all of your art is Jaw Dropping....The more I look at is the more it amazes me.  I just want to say I am so proud to call such a talented person my friend <3 Love ya *Hugs*
Ingvild-S Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh, I am so happy to hear it, sweetie! :hug: I've been doubting myself and my art a lot lately, so i really appreciate all you support! :heart:
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Thank you for the favs, sweet friend!
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They are lovely, sweetie!! I am so proud of you, and hate you a little bit for your motivasjon ;) :heart:
camelia1845 Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2016  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Haha, I know... will you hate me some more, if I tell you that I'm half done with another one and will probably post her tomorrow...?
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